L.A. Bikini Franchise

L.A. Bikini

Min. Liquid Capital: $150,000

Total Investment: $275,000 - $395,000

Net Worth Required: $400,000

Training Provided: Yes

The L.A. Bikini Difference

When it comes to the removal of unwanted body hair, we've cast aside old-fashioned hot wax in favor of a more modern, more comfortable technique called "sugaring."

Using sugar to remove unwanted body hair is actually an ancient technique. But it took L.A. Bikini to make it work in today's world. As a result, our brand of modern sugaring provides permanent, satisfactory results with benefits that far exceed the methods of the past.

Our signature service, the L.A. Bikini, relies on a proprietary sugar paste to remove unwanted body hair from sensitive areas. It goes on cool, only bonds to hair and doesn't stick to skin. Best of all, it permanently reduces hair growth – leaving skin unbelievably smooth in the process. Which, needless to say, makes it far superior to the antiquated and wax-dependent Brazilian.

Keys To A Successful L.A. Bikini Franchise

An Empowered Staff

  • One qualified employee is better than 2 or 3 who aren't. That's why we're big believers in hiring the best. And then earning their loyalty by rewarding them with compensation that's among the highest in the industry.
  • By focusing on a small number of stronger, happier employees (4-10 to be exact), the total experience and quality of life is enhanced for everyone – customers and staff members alike. Which is the best way to maximize profits.

An Efficient Footprint

  • L.A. Bikini franchises are known for their modest footprints, which usually range from 1200 to 1500 square feet. That's because we want every L.A. Bikini to be only as big as it needs to be in order to achieve success. By using a smaller, more efficient space, operating costs are lower, fewer employees are needed and everything from the electric bill to the décor is easier to manage.

Streamlined Technology

  • Like most businesses, we believe that people make the difference. But with the right tools, those same people can excel beyond the wildest expectations. That's why our goal at L.A. Bikini is not to replace people with technology, but to use technology to make the most of our people's strengths and talents.

Customer Loyalty

  • We didn't invent the concept of membership, but we've gone to great lengths to make it our own. That's why we give L.A. Bikini customers the chance to enjoy special perks and privileges by becoming lifetime members – and the only prerequisite is a short-term commitment.
  • It's the perfect way to maximize the benefits of regular treatments while giving customers an easy way to contain costs and minimize obligation.

Franchise Support

  • Success doesn't happen by accident. That's why we offer our franchisees planning for strategic marketing – before and after opening. We also provide sugar training and instruction on how to maintain strict standards and consistency.
  • Combine all of that with a great workplace where people have respect for one another – not to mention pay that's well above the national average – and you'll understand why so many talented, motivated people have decided to call LA Bikini home – their low-key, low-stress home.
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