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Lash Spa Studio


The eyelash extension industry is a $4.5 billion-a-year industry that is growing year over year. Today's modern woman craves a couple hours of solace in a space where she can be pampered and catered to while achieving a look that is uniquely her own. All these things make the eyelash extension business secure, stable, profitable and positioned for the long haul. With the Lash Spa Studio Dealer Program you will be given all the necessary tools to open your own Eyelash Extension Studio and manage it with success. You and your staff will become certified in Eyelash Extensions and learn all the success secrets to advancing to the next level. No previous beauty experience is required.

Operating Models

There are many varying business models in operating a Lash Spa Studio dealership. Regardless of the nature of the model we build with you, our goal remains the same: to work together to help you establish a growing eyelash extension business.

Income Potential

With a Lash Spa Studio Dealership, you will have the opportunity to build multiple reoccurring revenue streams including initial full sets, partial sets and touch-ups. In addition, there are many other beautification add-ons such as eyebrows, waxing and skin care. These products and services will give you the opportunity to expand your income potential even greater. Also, with a Lash Spa Studio Dealership, you never pay monthly royalties. Lash Spa Studio is not a Franchise so we can provide our dealers a low cost of entry and the ability to keep 100% of the profits.

Pre-Opening Training

Lash Spa Studio is committed to providing you with the Pre-Opening training utilizing the most effective techniques and resources. This Pre-Opening Training takes place at our proprietary Lash Spa Studio Academy, which is a one-week intense training with two focus tracks for business and stylist

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