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Lemon Tree


With over 40 years of experience we have worked tirelessly to perfect our business model and, as a result, we now have some most robust financial numbers in the hair care industry!

Lemon Tree provides Franchise Owners with brand recognition that is the direct result of decades of community outreach and marketing efforts.

With low investment requirements, multiple revenue streams, and prime territories availability, our Franchise Owners have some of the highest sales to investment numbers in Hair Salon Industry.

Features of Lemon Tree

  1. Low Cost: Our required investment range of $94,600 - $128,400 is significantly lower than our rivals.
  2. Outstanding Unit Economics: Our numbers are industry leading! The top 10% of our salons average revenues of $533,311 and the Top 50% average $367,106.
  3. Territory Availability: We have wide open territory availability (unlike our rivals!)
  4. Semi-Absentee Friendly: Lemon Tree Franchise Owners can own one salon or several while maintaining flexibility in their lifestyle.
  5. Multiple Revenue Streams: We are a full-service salon and have six streams of revenue: haircuts & styling, coloring, body-waves & perms, keratin treatments, facial waxing, and retail hair products.
  6. Incredible Demand: Everyone gets their hair cut, colored, or styled no matter the economic situation! Lemon Tree stands out from its competitors as it offers both quality and value.
  7. Flexibility & Growth: Lemon Tree offers flexibility and high growth potential for our mutli-unit Owners!

How our Business Model Works

Our financially rewarding franchise model is simple, you manage the managers! Our Franchise Owners do not need to experience is the Salon Industry; we seek entrepreneurs looking to make an impact in their community. We invite you to research the economics of our business model in comparison to other family hair salons out there and come to that determination yourself.

As you work through our franchise education process you will have the opportunity to speak directly with our Franchise Owners, who can provide you more detailed (and much more exciting!) information on their business financials.


We've spent over three decades in the franchise space, and not just in the salon industry. In that time we've learned that in order to have a successful brand, you need successful franchise owners.

To have successful Franchise Owners, you need an outstanding support systems and personnel. As a Lemon Tree Franchise Owner we aim to ensure that you feel completely supported with every aspect of the business.

Lemon Tree is seeking Franchise Owners with

  • Business and Management Experience: You should be a leader that your team is excited to follow! The idea of a growing business in a high growth and fast paced industry excites you! You want to focus on running a lucrative business, not cutting hair!
  • Great People Skills: You love people! Whether you're managing the team or providing great customer service, you understand that your success is driven by the people you team interact with each and every day.
  • Community Orientation: You understand that business is not only about dollars and cents, it's also about the people. You want to grow your business so that it positively impacts not only your family's financial well-being, but helps to support and grow your entire community.
  • Limited or No Salon Experience: Many of our Franchise Owners never worked in the Hair Care Industry. We simply seek passionate Owners with great people and customer service skills, that are looking to grow their business into multiple locations!
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