Lemonshark Poke Franchise

Lemonshark Poke

Min. Liquid Capital: $70,000

Total Investment: $350,000 - $450,000

Net Worth Required: $400,000

Initial Franchise Fee: $40,000

Training Provided: Yes

No of Existing Units: 24

About Lemonshark Poke

LemonShark Poké is the healthy, friendly poké concept that pioneered the “fine casual” restaurant movement.

Focused on refined, high-quality and sustainable products and an inviting, upscale and modern atmosphere, LemonShark Poké offers a hybrid table service and counterpoint dining experience that offers the comfort of a sit-down restaurant and the convenience of fast casual dining.

There are over four thousand sushi restaurants in the US with revenue exceeding 2 billion annually. Poké has almost identical ingredients as sushi and very similar flavor profiles. We actually think of poké as if it were de-constructed sushi. But without the servers and sushi chef, we are able to provide a sushi substitute at a significantly lower price point and much quicker service. We feel that this is a recipe for long term success give the growing American appetite for sushi and eating healthier foods in general.

Each location offers a craft sake menu and self-serve beer wall that features a selection of craft beers chosen to highlight local flavors. Also, a menu that offers Hawaii Katsu plates and hot fingers foods inspired by menu items from the finest sushi restaurants.

Named and inspired by the Lemon Shark, which unlike other sharks, is a discerning feeder and only consumes the very best fish possible, LemonShark Poké prides itself on serving the finest quality ingredients to its guests.

Why Lemonshark Poke?

We are passionate about our brand and the long-term viability of the poke category and feel that we have the chance to become the category leaders with a strong national brand that is both trusted and beloved by customers.

  • Well capitalized concept. Backed by Founders with millions. They own 50+ retail real estate centers in CA; skyscrapers; and hospital real estate.
  • 20 units open already since mid-2017, and 80+ more awarded.
  • 1/2 of these Franchisees come from the Multi-Unit Restaurant brand ownership (diversifying). Validation is awesome.
  • Low Labor is key: Only 2-3 employees needed per day. Runs like a simple Subway. Prep every am is 1.5 hours only.
  • No cooking going on here; so no hoods or grease traps necessary, thus lower equipment/build-out costs.
  • Upscale, and compared to other poke concepts: Avg. 2,000 sq ft (larger than most); sake/wine at all locations; 8+ pokes to chose from and over 20+ toppings (much higher choices); Flat screen TV’s for “Starbucks” like atmosphere – “kick it” for a few hours.
  • Annual Convention will be on the Big Island of Hawaii every year, starting in 2020 – next year.
  • Bottom-line – poke is HOT!! Key QSR industry analysts see this as here to stay, and will grow exponentially the next few years. There will be a few key “players”, and we feel strongly we will be one of them.
  • Generous Protected territories.

Ideal Candidate

Business Management of the key areas: Operations, Financial, Employee Management, and Marketing. "MANAGE THE MANAGERS" - semi absentee is just fine. Even close to passive. One key manager at a yearly salary (40-50k), and all else are hourly employees. Very similar to running a Subway, but do not "cut short" your restaurant employees when the doors are open, like they often do. Sometimes 4 are needed, but usually 2-3 during all working hours.
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