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Lifecycle Transitions


"When it's more than a change, it's a transition."
-Brandon Bronaugh, CEO

Life Cycle Transitions specializes in transition planning, home improvement, estate planning, hoarding assistance, downsizing, fixing and remediating distressed properties and more. Since 2010, the company has rapidly grown into a regional leader in transition services. Our mission is to provide professional, top-notch transition services to widows, newly separated or divorced individuals, clients enduring a recent death, seniors and baby boomers. We aim to return balance to their lives, freeing them to live the lives they deserve.

Do you enjoy helping others? Are you a natural at problem-solving? Want to earn a lucrative living by changing the lives of others? Then consider this unbelievable opportunity to start your very own successful transition business. This is a perfect opportunity to lead your own business without having to do it all on your own. Become part of a talented team devoted to serving people during transitional periods. This is a profitable business, but assisting people within transition can be even more rewarding.

Why Us?

  1. The ability to transition the lives of others
  2. Unlimited profit potential
  3. Being connected and highly sought after by endless eager influential professionals actively pursuing your expertise.
  4. Minimal up front operational over head
  5. Freedom and Independent lifestyle
  6. One of a kind service offerings
  7. Entirely customizable service solution
  8. Multiple revenue streams
  9. Warm Leads
  10. Endless growth potential
  11. Limited competition
  12. Passionate hands on Founder devoted to insuring your guaranteed success
  13. Exciting life changing opportunity
  14. Opportunity to be involved in buying distressed properties
  15. Access to potential lending sources


Avoid the risks of starting a new business! Take on a Life Cycle Transitions franchise. We provide full and comprehensive training and support. Our franchisees receive hands-on guidance from the Life Cycle Transitions management team and CEO Brandon Bronaugh. You don't have to reinvent the wheel. We ensure you're ready to launch your Life Cycle Transitions franchise because your success is our success.

Project Management From the Franchisor:

  1. How to organize the client belongings
  2. Strategies on properly packing items.
  3. Steps A through Z on performing a thorough deep cleaning from top to bottom.
  4. How to establish boundaries when interacting and engaging with the clients
  5. during the actual transition
  6. How to place a mobile dumpster for ease of access & strategies to properly load a disposal dumpsters to maximize space.
  7. OSHA compliant safety guidelines
  8. Delegating crew members,
  9. Categorizing and inventorying customer items.
  10. Help closing out transitions from A to Z
  11. How to synchronize watch timers when managing the task of crew members.
  12. How to maximize profitability by bundling multiple revenue streams
  13. Developing a healthy working relationship amongst staff.
  14. How to manage and oversee various partners and vendor relationships
  15. Developing organizational skills to insure productivity and business efficiency
  16. Understanding the business dynamics behind transitioning clients
  17. Becoming a Life Cycle Transition Expert and understanding the culture

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