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LunchBOX (A Waxing Salon)

Welcome to LunchBOX (A WAXING SALON), a place that lets you know instantly you are in capable, caring hands. We pay attention to every detail - be it the steps we take to provide a perfect wax service to the products we've formulated to pamper the skin before, during and after a session. The clean, urban layout of each salon is thoughtfully designed to promote a comfortable vibe and an efficient, flawless speed-wax experience. Our guests are as loyal to us as we are to them.


LunchBOX salons are beginning to appear across the nation in affluent, progressive communities. You'll find them in vibrant shopping districts, in prosperous pockets where people like to meet. Just like our salon, we strive to set up shop in places that have an alluring, energetic vibe.

In just 120 days*, we help you build your very own LunchBOX and equip you with the knowledge, support, tools and resources you need to succeed.

LunchBOX is
- A carefully crafted brand that cultivates curiosity and sets us apart in the emerging wax-only industry
- Stylish, modern  and playful
- For people who want to feel beautiful and are mindful about the people and places they choose for these services
- Proud of its proven speed-waxing technique that considers every part of each guest's waxing experience, including pre- and post-care

Toodle-Oo, Taboo
Timing is everything, and now is the time for us to claim our place within - and contribute substantially to - the $7+ billion beauty industry. Why? Because smooth skin is most certainly in, and no one's afraid to say so. In fact, even the Oxford English Dictionary now includes "Brazilian" in its lexicon.

The personal waxing industry is in the growth stage of its industry life cycle and is projected to grow at an average annual rate of 3.5 percent through 2017. The target market is expanding as women from teens to Baby Boomers integrate waxing into their regular beauty regimen.

Men are happily hopping on the hairless bandwagon, too. More than 30 percent of men care about down there - a la "manscaping" -  according to the Skin Health Alliance. Other male hair removal areas include the eyebrows (29 percent ), the chest (20 percent), the back (13 percent ) and the ears and nose (41 percent).

Because we are as dedicated to fostering positive relationships with future LunchBOX franchisees as we are our current and future guests, the LunchBOX Franchise System includes:
- A comprehensive training program that blends business best practices as well as intensive instruction on the unique LunchBOX speed-waxing technique
- An ongoing business mentoring program called LunchBOX Concierge Program
- Site selection and build-out assistance
- Proven, built-in marketing strategies that leverage an established brand
- Custom-blended LunchBOX soft and hard waxes as well as specially formulated LunchBOX products to deliver a thoughtfully tailored pre-, during- and post-wax experience
- The BOX Out of the Box, everything you need to start offering comprehensive waxing services, such as fixtures and furniture, supplies, marketing collateral and LunchBOX retail merchandise

As a LunchBOX salon owner, you receive a complete business that will be up and running 120 days from the day the agreement is inked.

LunchBOX By the Numbers
The annual gross revenue for the Corporate Store from the period stated below was $488,314.01.

The above disclosure represents historical financial performance of our affiliate-owned salon located in Boise, Idaho, which is operated as a Two-Suite Boutique Box.

The disclosure is based on unaudited information reported by the Corporate Store. The financial performance representations related to the annual gross revenues for the Corporate store were from December 1, 2012, through November 30, 2013.
Gross revenue from the Corporate Sales was calculated to include services and the sales of retail LunchBOX products. The sales of retail LunchBOX products did not commence at the Corporate Store until May 1, 2013, and cannot be calculated for the entire reporting period. The sales of LunchBOX products are only reported in the above number from May 1, 2013, through November 30, 2013.

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