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medmentum_truck-1The mission of Medmentum is to be a trusted supplier of regulated medical waste disposal services.The mission of the Medmentum Franchise Company is to develop and expand sustainably and profitably to reach new markets and to provide the highest level of training and support in the medical waste disposal industry. 


The franchisor is an Illinois Limited Liability Company dedicated to developing Medmentum into the premier. Full-service provider in the regulated medical waste disposal industry. As a franchisee of Medmentum, the new partner will use the franchisor's company brand name, implement its efficient operating system and business processes, and facilitate the on-going marketing support of Medmentum from the experienced management team and home office staff. 

With a growing demand for the use of its services, the founder of Medmentum, George Demet, decided to expand his successful business model throughout the United States. Medmentum will achieve significant expansion through the implementation of a franchising model in the United States, and by securing key business partners (in the form of franchisees) who will facilitate national growth. 

Medmentum sets itself apart from other low-cost opportunities in the franchise industry:

 It's a recession-proof industry Medical waste disposal is recession proof. Regardless of what happens in the economy medical waste must be disposed of in accordance with all state and federal guidelines. Unlike franchises that focus on discretionary spending, medical waste disposal is a required cost of doing business for your customers.outsource

The business cannot be outsourced Unlike many other businesses, medical waste disposal cannot be outsourced by low-cost labor overseas. Your trucks on the road will stay on the road.

 It's a highly regulated business This helps keep competition from entering the market. Medmentum will help you with all aspects of regulatory complianceevery step of the way. 

It's not glamorous There are riches in niches! Don't let medical waste disposal intimidate you. In reality, you will be moving clean, sealed boxes from the customer's location to the treatment facility. 

You generate a long-term stream of income Once you win a customer, you generally keep them for many years allowing you to build a great base of revenue as time goes on. 

Your expenses scale with your growth No need to borrow millions of dollars to start a franchise. Start small and grow from there. 

You'll get unparalleled support As a franchisee, you can count on us to provide extensive marketing, sales and operational support. Our long-term goal is to see the franchisees grow and prosper!

 medfoundMedmentum is founded on the principles that make any business successful: fill a void in the market better than anyone else. All of our staff members are OSHA compliant and follow the strict Medmentum system to help give the customer peace of mind as they decide to switch providers. This belief and focus, along with the strong leadership and vision, are what will make the franchisees of Medmentum efficient and profitable businesses. They will need to implant themselves into a new market and start chipping away at market share that is currently occupied by Stericycle or other local independent providers. 

The Medmentum franchise business will start out of a home office or a small professional office; the former allowing for a lower initial investment in the business to get a franchisee started. The overhead and initial start-up costs will include a vehicle (large van or box truck), the franchise fee, and some initial working capital and marketing dollars to allow the franchisee to become profitable in as short of a time period as possible. The working capital will be very important in this model as a franchisee will need initial time to network, market, and close deals with clients.

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