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Eco Friendly Cleaning Franchise


We are offering financing for a limited period of time - 20% downpayment required. In-house financing available to those who qualify.  Franchise Fee is $19,500. 

The $49 billion dollar commercial and residential cleaning business is nearly recession proof and owning a Green cleaning franchise is, without a doubt, the perfect way to join the movement. In fact, this year, the US commercial and residential cleaning market is projected to exceed $67 billion in 2013[1] - making today - the perfect day to join the Mopfrog team!

Being Green is not only the Right Thing to Do - it's the Smart Thing to do!   In most markets around the world and the United States, being eco-conscious or Green is becoming a relevant and equally important term in how people conduct their business.  The consumer, public and professionals have spoken with their spending dollars and purchase choices. Today, being environmentally friendly and Green is a cause that people want to join. Moreover, businesses and individuals alike will choose to buy Green when given the option to do so.  Mopfrog is essentially, the best of both worlds, combining the power of a great business and that of an environmentally conscious mission. Our business model offers a truly eco-friendly, Green service to your end customers by utilizing eco-friendly, Green-Seal certified products and sustainable, Green techniques and processes. The Mopfrog franchise model is designed for entrepreneurs and investors seeking an explosive business opportunity with great potential in the Green market segment.  Together with a tenured management team with backgrounds and expertise in business, law, operations, marketing and systems technology, we have created a business model that will allow you to take control of YOUR financial future with a system that works.  Your future is asking for it - let Mopfrog show you the way!


Green Cleaning Franchise

Mopfrog and our group of strategic partners, have developed and can provide a suite of products that have a proven track record of performance as effective cleaning agents and will stand the test of being truly Green and environmentally friendly.  You will have the Green, safer products and tools that customers want in their homes and businesses to keep their families and teams healthy - you will have the competitive advantage!

At Mopfrog, we want to focus and emphasize the health & safety benefits of the eco-friendly, Green-Seal® certified products that are part of the Mopfrog business model and system. These products drive demand for your cleaning services due to their Green, eco-friendly nature, value and their effectiveness. By using environmentally preferred cleaning products, Mopfrog helps improve the environment by reducing toxic pollution and waste, conserving resources and habitats, and minimizing our footprint in global warming and ozone depletion. Most importantly, Mopfrog helps safeguard the health and well being of our customers and employees. 


Mopfrog has created a simple, turn-key business model that allows you to learn to operate your business in the shortest period of time possible.  Our goal is to have you cut the learning curve of starting a new business. With our systems, support, training and guidance, you will feel as if you have been in business for years, not building a new operation. 


Without the need for a commercial location, extensive inventory and expensive equipment, the initial investment required to open a Mopfrog green cleaning business is relatively low and offers you the ultimate opportunity for growing and maximizing your profit! The  prospect of owning a Mopfrog franchise allows you to set up your location within weeks and begin servicing customer accounits right away. Moreover, our start-up fee is significantly lower than most traditional franchises, allowing you to use your investment towards growing your business and maximizing profit. If you are looking for a business that requires a low initial investment, minimal overhead, and is in a high-demand, multi-billion dollar industry, then Mopfrog is the choice for you. 


The Mopfrog model has been designed to be conducive to repeat and residual business opportunities - we have developed our business model in a way that keeps your customers coming back. This, in turn, allows you to build a weekly, bi-weekly and monthly client base with a recurring, high demand for the Mopfrog services on an on-going basis.


The Mopfrog business model operates with a very low level of overhead cost.  This, in turn, increases your opportunity to generate profitable cash flow in a shorter time period. Don't work hard to pay off extensive expenses - turn your efforts into potential profit today!

[1] Freedonia Group: Industry Market Research.  

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