Mr. Handyman Franchise

Mr. Handyman

Min. Liquid Capital: $50,000

Total Investment: $111,500 - $143,100

Financing Available: Yes

Training Provided: Yes

About Mr. Handyman

There was a time in the not-so-distant past when Dad was the family handyman. The back door is jammed? Tell Dad.

The shower drain is clogged again? Dad will fix it. Much of America practiced DIY before it was an accepted acronym.

Times have changed. More and more, people feel that time itself is in shorter supply. Dad, along with the rest of the family, would rather spend time living life – not repairing it. Plus, DIY know-how hasn’t carried over to younger generations as it has in the past. We have shifted to an increasingly DIFM (Do It For Me) society.

Enter Mr. Handyman

A franchise story that began in Boston in 1996, the Mr. Handyman brand has carved two niches for itself:

  • 1. It has become the modern-day handyman solution for tens of thou sands of customers per year, catering to a growing population of aging Baby Boomers, coming- of-age Millennials, and every maintenance-minded homeowner in between.
  • 2. It has provided a franchise opportunity to 145 dedicated individuals/partners, all looking to improve their lives through business ownership.

Why Mr. Handyman?

In an industry saturated with independent “man in a van” operations, Mr. Handyman stands out as the trusted, reliable, professional choice. From the first phone call with a knowledgeable customer service professional, to the tech who shows up in a brightly branded red van with collared shirt and ID badge, to the follow-up call to ensure satisfaction – we create a customer experience – one that many customers are eager to repeat.

A Model That Makes Sense


As a Mr. Handyman franchise owner, you won’t be the one wearing the toolbelt, but you will get to wear a variety of hats:

marketer, relationship builder, team leader, CEO.


An executive ownership model, Mr. Handyman allows former corporate warriors like you to take back control of your lifestyle, your professional longevity, and your income potential.


Problem solving is at the heart of what you’ll be doing as a Mr. Handyman franchise owner – for homeowners in your community, for the team you’ll be leading, and for your own personal fulfillment.

Ideal Candidate

Our franchise owner is driven by various positive and negative motivations. Positive motivations include the potential to make more money, to spend more time with family and, ultimately, to retire comfortably. Negative motivations include the desire to leave behind a bad boss, bad hours and corporate politics. These motivations point to one common outcome: control. Our owner wants control over their income, their schedule and their lifestyle.

The business acumen gleaned from those corporate careers generally gives our franchise owners their pick of executive ownership opportunities. However, an inclination that many of our franchise owners share is a passion for problem solving – a natural parallel to fixing things. Though they are not the one swinging the hammer, they still enjoy the satisfaction that comes with a job completed, something crossed off their customer’s “honey do” list. To that end, the greater purpose proposition is the ability to orchestrate a team of handyman “heroes” in their community. Our franchise owner doesn’t wear the tool belt, but they do wear a variety of hats: marketer, relationship builder, team leader, CEO.

Training And Support


Our Sure Start training is a six-week program combining classroom-style business operations, sales, and marketing training. You won’t be swinging a hammer, you’ll be running a business, and we’ll ensure you know how.


Our custom business management software simplifies your day-to-day administrative duties. It’s an all-in-one system for job estimates, tracking leads, assistance with leadership, workplace culture and more.


Your people will make all the difference in your business. A third-party, industry-leading hiring and on-boarding platform helps you find the right people to deliver quality services in your community – the Mr. Handyman Way.


In addition to your local marketing efforts, we keep the national marketing engine running on your behalf, with a hyper-focus on digital ads that continuously raise awareness and drive leads to your business.


Get ongoing training and guidance from a seasoned Franchise Business Coach, and strategize with other accomplished Mr. Handyman franchise owners at regional and national gatherings and workshops.


"Part of being a business owner is the impact you can make on the community, and the impact you can make in the lives of your employees." - Bob Skidmore, Franchise Owner, Wichita, KS

"Marketing is the reason you buy a franchise – when someone goes to look for us, they find us. Basically, we opened our doors and the phone started ringing." - Greg Kemp, Franchise Owner, Ann Arbor, MI

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