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Mr. Waterheater

New Franchise with over 25 Years Experience!

Grab Your Share of the Water Heater Replacement Business!

Millions of water heaters get replaced each year and our business model is designed for market domination in a fragmented industry. Mr. Waterheater started installing water heaters in Pittsburgh, PA in 1981 and just started franchising in 2007. Be the first in your market to join the Mr. Waterheater team.

Strength of our business model:
Predictable SalesTen percent of residential water heaters will be replaced each year on average. Customers are looking for the quick, affordable service that Mr. Waterheater provides.

High Income PotentialOutstanding earnings potential is well documented in our franchise disclosure documents.

Few CompetitorsThere are no franchise competitors and the Big Box stores are expensive and have poor service.

Low OverheadOperating from a non-retail facility keeps your overhead low and your profits high.

Few EmployeesOne employee is all you need to launch your Mr. Waterheater. As your business grows, just add trucks and installers.

What can I expect as a franchise owner?
We provide you with excellent tools, programs, business support, power buying, training and more, but your success is in your hands.

    Owning a business takes hard work, commitment and dedication. If you're up for the challenge, here's a few of the tasks:
  • Working with people - including customers, employees, installers
  • Marketing and networking to get the phone to ring
  • Handling business administration
  • Building community involvement

Training and Support
Mr. Waterheater franchise training program, called Mr. Waterheater University, teaches new owners everything they need to know to run a successful franchise operation. Franchise training in Pittsburgh, PA combines classroom, field training and operations training. Graduating from Mr. Waterheater University is only the beginning of the training and support provided from the experienced plumbing professionals at Mr. Waterheater.

Mr. Waterheater provides a full spectrum of franchise support. We'll work hand-in-hand with you to get your new business recognized and continue to be recognized through ongoing marketing and operations support.

Franchise Information
The Mr. Waterheater franchise opportunity is available to plumbers and non-plumbers. The franchise owner does NOT need to be a plumber or own a plumbing business but must be involved in the day-to-day operations.

The Mr. Waterheater franchise operates from a combined warehouse and office facility located in an industrial park or other non-retail location. A franchise territory of approximately 100,000 households is awarded but can be customized for the market area. Water heater replacement for residential customers is the primary business that can expand to commercial customers and offer additional plumbing services.

Secrets to Our Success
Water heater replacement is an emergency response business. When customers are out of hot water, they get on the phone or internet to find a quick solution. None of our competitors treat hot water as an emergency, and those that do, charge an arm and a leg to replace your water heater. Independent plumbers would rather refer a water heater replacement to Mr. Waterheater because they dont stock water heaters. Each Mr. Waterheater truck is loaded with water heaters and there are plenty more in your warehouse to offer customers the lowest price and best service.

Every home has a water heater that typically lasts from six to twelve years, so the water heater replacement business is predictable. Getting customer recognition is easy with our TV commercials, zippy radio spots, online marketing and attention grabbing billboards. Building the Mr. Waterheater brand in your market will get your phone to ring and get your installers on the road!

See our commercial:

Earnings Potential
Mr. Waterheater has detailed Earnings Claims with historical financial data from our company run operations. If you have investigated other franchise opportunities you will know that most franchises do not provide such comprehensive financial data. We feel that the numbers are so compelling, that you need to have an understanding of the earnings potential of a Mr. Waterheater franchise.

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