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Professional Athlete Recruiting FranchiseAbout Us
NexGoal is a specialized search and career development business focused on candidates who are former professional and/or collegiate athletes. These former athletes possess core traits (biographical data "biodata") which have proven over time to be an accurate predictor for future performance.

For decades businesses of all sizes have benefited from the core traits that athletes bring to a corporate team. As a result, the athlete-candidate can give the hiring manager greater confidence in the hire over a candidate who does not have these defined traits in their background. Our management team is comprised of former collegiate and professional athletes who clearly understand the challenges which athletes face as they make their transition from sports. As experienced search consultants, we also understand the challenges businesses face in acquiring and retaining the best talent for their team. We are the "go to" resource for both athletes and businesses, acting as an effective bridge between these two groups.

We serve as the conduit between former collegiate and professional athletes and corporations throughtout North America. NexGoal's mission is to be the premiere most reputable, athlete focused placement career transition resource for former athletes.

KEVIN DAHL is a two-time IHL Turner Cup champion and three-time IHL All-Star. He co-founded NexGoal in 2009 to assist athletes transitioning from the ice to the fire of the business world. KevinFranchises for Professional Athletes grew up in Thunder Bay, Ontario, and made his way through junior hockey to receive a full scholarship from Bowling Green State University, graduating with a Bachelor of Science in Education. His professional hockey career spanned stops in the NHL, IHL, AHL, ECHL, and three years with the German Elite Team in Nurnberg Germany. In the 1992 Winter Olympics, Kevin was on the Canadian Olympic Hockey Team that won the Silver Medal.

Our Franchise Concept:

  • Business Model - NexGoal International, LLC. serves as a strategic  talent acquisition partner for businesses who seek competitively driven talent and who benefit from the core traits that athletes bring to their corporate teams.  Our proprietary process of recruiting combined with an exclusive resource of candidates allows NexGoal to serve a niche market that other recruiting companies cannot penetrate.

  • Franchising – Our affiliate, NexGoal LLC, has been in operation for the past 3 years and has placed candidates all over the country for corporations in a variety of industries.  The NexGoal concept really resonates with former athletes.  In fact, many former athletes have asked how they can get involved with what we are doing.  Typically, after leaving the sport athletes retain a network of business owners and team mates that they stay in touch with.   NexGoal plans to franchise similar offices throughout the U.S.  and globally.

Franchisees are able to invest as Regional Developer and Individual Franchise.  Regional Developers are designed to develop a specific territory, or a regular Franchise that operates a NexGoal recruitment business.  As a Regional Developer, the franchisee would have the opportunity to recruit and support Franchises to be located in its own, exclusive territory.  Regional Developers would also operate one regular Franchise recruitment business.    Regional Developers can then earn income by receiving a portion of the initial franchise fee and ongoing royalties paid by regular Franchises in their specific territory.

NexGoal has partnered with one of the premier recruiting trainers in the industry (Doug Beabout) to help new franchisees learn the business.  We have also sought out strategic franchising partners who have worked in the recruiting business and have successfully opened recruiting franchises throughout the U.S.

NexGoal Franchisee Targets:

  • Collegiate, professional or Olympic athletes
  • Former coaches and sports professionals

Opportunity – Regional Developer

  • Regional Developer can pay a fee to NexGoal ranging from $100,000 to $400,000 depending on market size and demographics
  • A diverse revenue stream exists for the Regional Developer through recruiting, selling franchises, and splitting royalties with the franchisees in his protected territory.
  • Regional Developer receives from NexGoal one-half of: (a) the 8% monthly royalty fee paid by each NexGoal Franchise located in the Regional Developer's territory, and (b) the initial franchise fee (currently $50,000.00) paid by each new Franchise located in the Regional Developer's territory
  • We will establish a development schedule with all Regional Developers that defines the expected market penetration over the course of the agreement.  Regional Developers will be motivated to keep finding qualified Franchise candidates to earn franchise fees and build a strong royalty base!

Opportunity - Individual Franchise

  • Will pay an initial franchise fee to NexGoal of $50,000
  • Will pay to NexGoal a monthly royalty fee of 8% of gross revenues
  • No industry experience needed; initial and ongoing training is provided
  • Can build a business as a sole proprietor, small practice, billing manager, Large office, or a non-billing manager

Franchisees will receive:

  • NexGoal Training Camp
    • How to pick a niche business segment to recruit in.
    • How to recruit
    • How to run a effective recruiting office - includes performance metrics
    • Full desk recruiting training
    • CRM training
    • Policy and procedure training
    • "Closing the sale"
    • How to network within sports!
    • Ongoing training for current and new hires
    • Ongoing monthly training on fresh topics
    • Field Support- let us help you close your first deal!
    • Access to shared CRM/ ATS and candidate database
    • Performance management
    • Access to all forms / documents online including various contracts needed
    • Operations manual
    • Marketing
    • Brand development
    • IT Support, web presence- we build you your own website
    • Job board access at reduced fees
    • Access to research help- name generation, resume harvesting, prescreening, full project research by NexGoal corporate
    • Technology:
      • Turnkey – VOIP phone system ready to go
      • Secure email account with webmail
      • Intranet file usage
      • Technology support
      • Preloaded CRM / Database system
      • Internal / external job board access
      • Regional Meetings
      • Peer Group Support and coaching
      • Yearly Conferences

Next Steps to your NexGoal Franchise:

  1. Receive a call from a NexGoal representative to discuss the opportunity in general
  1. Receive and complete the NEXGOAL  Request for Consideration form
  1. Receive and review the Uniform Franchise Disclosure Document
  1. Schedule a Discovery Day to learn more about NexGoal
  1. Make a decision to join the NexGoal team
  1. Be accepted by NexGoal into the system
  1. Set closing date to sign documents, including the Franchise Agreement, and pay initial franchise fee
  1. Attend NexGoal Training Camp at our headquarters

Testimonials for NexGoal:

NexGoal Testimonials: Athlete-Candidates

"NexGoal is an invaluable service for those searching for a new employment opportunity. They are professional and experienced in placing the right candidate in the right job. In addition, the depth of their employer database and contacts insured my maximum exposure and their follow-up and communication was exceptional. All former athletes at all levels should get listed in NexGoal's database."

Eric Hochberg / former Rutgers football player
Placed at ICU Medical 2010

"Angela Berardinelli's hard work and dedication provided me with the support that I needed to land the great career opportunity. I was fortunate enough to come across Angela and her company NexGoal, through a LinkedIn group page.  From the beginning of our correspondence I could tell that Angela was passionate about what she does and truly has her client's best interest in mind.  We navigated through a fairly lengthy recruitment process and she provided me with support and insight the whole way.  Her guidance gave me the confidence required to win the position.  Any former athlete or company would benefit greatly by partnering with Angela."

Athlete Job Placement FranchiseMatt Pali / former Florida Atlantic University baseball player
Placed at Euclid Chemical 2012

"I would not have been introduced to Berchtold without Nick Martens and NexGoal's hard work to seek me out. As a busy sales professional, I do not have the time to pursue promising companies that can benefit me and my family. Nick utilized his resources told went above and beyond to get me in contact with Berchtold and stay in contact with them. His professionalism and determination were instrumental in developing a relationship between his recruit and his client."

Chris Curiel / former Texas A&M football player
Placed at  Berchtold Corporation 2013


NexGoal Testimonials: Corporate Clients

"NexGoal spent a considerable amount of time asking questions, interviewing a variety of CSS managers to gain a thorough understanding of what we were trying to accomplish, as well as evaluating the unique soft skills required to be successful in the respective roles at our company.  We are very pleased with the quality of candidates they presented to CSS. 

More importantly, the selected candidates are excelling in roles and are having a remarkably positive impact in their assignments at CSS. NexGoal realized the operational importance of meeting CSS hiring objectives and a demanding timeline; as such, they built a customized online system allowing CSS management to track the progress of each candidate in each stage of the interview process. This system fully engaged the department managers to gather feedback and make sound hiring decisions in a streamlined and highly efficient manner.

Lastly, NexGoal's staff is a pleasure to interact with; they always respond in a timely manner and remember to do the small things that make a difference in building a long term relationship with a client."

Kevin von Keyserling, President and Chief Executive Officer

Certified Safety Solutions

The NexGoal Business model is designed for former athletes in support of other former athletes to help them find job placement and support them in making the transition to Corporate America. 

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