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Nika Restaurant Services

Nika is an exceptional franchise with 3 great services that are needed by ALL restaurants. Our oil filtration equipment rental program, exhaust hood cleaning and waste oil collection services will bring you residual income month after month. It's like 3 franchises in ONE!!

The Opportunity

This is a lucrative opportunity because in today's tough economy restaurants desperately look for ways to save money. We designed the franchise in a way where you can start with 1 service and slowly expand to all 3, needing minimal investment. The magic happens when you package all 3 services and give them one great deal. We beat any competition using this method.

SERVICE #1 - Exhaust Hood Cleaning:

Is a government mandated service and inspected by fire inspectors across the USA. We will teach you how to clean and manage this service which is needed from 2-12 times a year. It's repeat business and no one does it like we do! We will also teach you how to bid public entity schools that put out to bid all the hood cleaning on a yearly basis!

SERVICE #2 - Cooking Oil Filtration:

An average busy restaurant spends $750 to $1,500 a month on cooking oil and change their oil every 2-3 days! Now restaurants can rent our Nika oil filtration machine for about $250 per month, and cut their oil cost by 50-75% every month while serving their clients the best fried food ever. The Nika oil micro- filtration machine is an 80lb food grade stainless steel machine on 4 wheels that filters a fryer in less than 3 minutes, filtering down to a microscopic level, taking out the carbons and some of the saturated fat, leaving the oil like NEW! The great thing about this service is that you rent them the machine and they do all the work, while we collect monthly rent! This is an incredible business model with very high profit margins!

SERVICE #3 - Waste Oil Collection:

This is what we call, "Yellow Gold". After they are done with the cooking oil from the fryers, they have to throw it away! We collect it, pay them for it, and turn it into Bio Diesel fuel or feed for animals! Nothing gets's all recycled and 100% GREEN. We will show you all the tricks of the trade and how to turn this yellow oil into cash$$$.

The Competition

Currently there are no other companies or franchises in the USA that offer all 3 services under one roof! This gives us a tremendous advantage to give deals to restaurants and lock them down. Our goal is to slowly bring in additional restaurant services through subcontracted vendors that we will manage, so we can build a network of services that no one will be able to compete with.

Exclusive Territory

We will give you an exclusive county wide territory based on the population and budget you can afford. Territories sell at 4 levels; Low Density: $30,000, Medium Density: 40,000, High Density: $50,000 and Urban Density that sells at $60,000. We are also selling Area Developer territories to qualified individuals, that sell from $100K-$500K based on the size of your state, which allows you to sell franchises in your state and make royalties from them. We make sure that even the low density territory has enough restaurants for you to be able to build a solid business and an attractive income.

Training & Support

Your exclusive territory comes with a 5 Day training in Florida, 2 Nika oil filtration machines, 2 months of appointment setting by our telemarketing company, business cards, post cards, Nika-wear polo shirts, & weekly leads of new restaurants in your territory. Once you buy, we become your long term partner... the support is continuous and 24/7 whenever you need our help. Our goal is to see you succeed!

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