NTY Clothing Exchange Franchise

NTY Clothing Exchange

Min. Liquid Capital: $100,000

Total Investment: $174,700 - $275,500

Net Worth Required: $400,000

Financing Available: Third Party

Training Provided: Yes

Join the largest, fastest growing chain of women's fashion resale stores in the USA

  • RESALE is HOT! ...It's more popular & accepted than ever.
  • NTY Clothing Exchange fills a need that just wasn't being addressed out there: A Great New Alternative for teens and young adults, both female and male, to "Dress Hot & Spend Not".
  • Superior Gross Profit Margins compared to traditional retailing. Averaging 55-65%.
  • Proprietary Point-of-Sale system makes this business scalable for multiple units.
  • Very low fees help you to keep more of what you make.
  • Ask us about our Special Incentive Program - that really helps you get started.

Consider a franchise with NTY Clothing Exchange and receive full training & support from the RESALE industry's most experienced team - we've been perfecting resale business models for over 25 years!

The Need

Young adults and teens like to dress to suit their personalities and current trends. Often times, they are not only changing sizes, but styles as well. As teens and young adults are often still finding their way in the world, they appreciate shopping at a place that is focused just on them.

In most big stores, they have just a department - at NTY Clothing Exchange the whole store is designed just for them. And, it is for them in every way - from the music that's playing, to the great styles, to the smell of a new store for clothing that is "gently-used," - and, quite frankly, practically new.

Millennials Now More Important Shoppers Than Boomers?

Young adults and teens are usually still students or just getting their footing in new careers. Either way, they want to be able to change their style to fit their needs. Their demand for fashions & changing styles is huge, but it is done on their limited budgets. This combination of demand & budget creates the need for a great franchise concept, and a serious business opportunity for you.

Clothing and accessories for teens and young adults is a huge business - and the opportunity for future growth is very promising as Millennials displace Boomers in the retail market place. We are extremely careful about what we buy then re-sell, so our customers get top-of-the-line merchandise, fun trends, and just plain great fashion at alluringly low prices. This all means that NTY Clothing Exchange is a popular and growing idea, and a solid choice for you - the business seeker.

High Style Without High Prices = Return On Investment

Our stores provide the very best value on the hottest styles and most in-demand fashions for teens & young adults. These great-condition, in-style fashions are priced at about one-third of what they sold for at mall stores. That kind of value allows our customers to change their look often and really gets them to frequent our stores. At the same time, our franchisees enjoy Gross Profit Margins that are far superior to traditional retail.

Great Support Means: It's your Business, but You're Not Alone.

For a business owner, you also get the unmatched support from NTY Franchise Company that you might not get in other systems. We have been perfecting resale business models for decades, and we provide extensive training and continuous support - with a clear focus on your store level profitability.

That's one of the things that separates us from the pack. What this translates to you, as the franchisee, is a hot concept that is only going to get bigger & better in time. Our support team is very motivated to see you succeed... and with some of the lowest fees in the Franchise Apparel Category - you can keep more of what you make!

Your Success is Our Success

As a business owner you may be investing your life savings. Why not do it with the support and expertise behind you - that multiplies your chance of success? We help you on each step of the way to your Grand Opening and well beyond - from finding the right location, to securing good financing, to helping you with a proven store-in-a-box build out, to maximizing your business long after you're opened. Our support is unmatched in the resale franchise industry, and because your success is our success - there is nothing we want more than to see your business soar to new heights - in less time - with fewer mistakes - and greater results.

An Experienced Team to Help You Prosper

Keep in mind, the idea of franchising is not new to us here at NTY Franchise Company. Our team has over 25 years of experience in franchising and has put many franchise business brands on the map - making them successful really quickly. Our enthusiasm, experience, and positive attitude only help you thrive in a competitive market. In that, NTY Franchise Company sticks out - along with unparalleled support, guidance, and our long-standing reputation.

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