Nurse Next Door

Min. Liquid Capital: $100,000

Total Investment: $150,000 - $200,000

Net Worth Required: $250,000

Initial Franchise Fee: $55,000

Training Provided: Yes

About Nurse Next Door

Nurse Next Door is one of the fastest growing home care franchise system and is dedicated to building the premier home care brand in North America. With 200+ franchises and an award-winning reputation, Nurse Next Door is paving the way for home care in North America. We've been helping entrepreneurs build rewarding and successful businesses since 2001. These businesses are helping seniors live happier and healthier.

Nurse Next Door is positioned for rapid growth over the near and long-term. 10,000 people turn 65 in North America everyday and 90% of seniors prefer to stay at home as they age. As the senior population in North America continues to grow dramatically, the pressures on the healthcare system become more apparent. The company offers a full range of both medical and non-medical services ranging from delicious meal preparation and friendly companionship through to round-the-clock nursing care.

Across the nation, our bold pink branding and admired company culture are unmistakable. We're the only home care franchise with a 24/7 call center that answers your phone calls and schedules your employees for you allowing you to achieve a work-life balance. Clients, families and employees love Nurse Next Door, so it makes sense to partner with motivated Franchise Partners who are just as passionate as we are.

Why Nurse Next Door?

Our Care Services Center schedules over 20,000 shifts, takes over 50,000 calls and logs 100,000 minutes of talk time with our clients and employees-every month.

It is designed to help you drive and build a scalable business. The results are above market returns, greater equity, higher income and, ultimately a better lifestyle.

The Care Services center is our competitive advantage and the accelerator that helps our franchise partners build market share-fast

It's about caring, not just healthcare. This is our approach to our service as well as our brand. And when you look at an industry that is largely focused on clinical tasks they provide, our brand stacks up well. We're shifting the paradigm from one of stale clinical tasks to one of caring and human kindness, or as we like to call it, Happier Aging!

What do most home care provider look like? Boring. Stale., Stodgy. And most of all, the same. We've spent a great deal of time and resources to stand out. We're lively, we're fun and we're celebrating aging. And what does this mean to you? It means you'll be able to win customers from your competition and build equity in your business.

Ideal Candidate

  • No Healthcare Experience Necessary
  • Sales Skills
  • Strong organizational skills
  • Local networking
  • Leadership
  • Hiring Managing Care
  • Billing & Payroll

Training And Support

Nurse Next Door's training and support program has been specifically designed to support franchise partners both with and without a healthcare background.

Intensive and on-going support is part of the Nurse Next Door package in addition to thorough operational manuals. The 8-week start-up program culminates in an intensive week long hands on training at Nurse Next Door's "Headquarters." This is followed by regular weekly support from an expert business coach. Field visits are conducted twice per year and regional meetings are facilitated four times per year. Finally, Nurse Next Door holds an annual conference each year that brings together all of our franchise partners for key learning delivered by world-class speakers.

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