Nutrition Zone

Min. Liquid Capital: $75,000

Total Investment: $87,200 - $193,500

Net Worth Required: $120,000

Financing Available: Yes

Training Provided: Yes

No of Existing Units: 23

Company-Owned Units: 3

About Nutrition Zone

It’s no secret that Sports Nutrition is growing at an exponential rate, but you may be surprised to hear, according to Forbes, 2019 annual revenue in North America is projected to be $73.5 Billion USD!

The CBD industry, although not as large as the Sports Nutrition industry yet, has caught exploded in North America. Relatively non-existent just two years ago, experts project CBD sales to reach $20 Billion USD by 2020. And this number is expected to exponentially grow year over year.

It doesn’t take a billionaire businessman to see the opportunity, or understand that entrepreneurs, especially those looking to tap into real financial freedom, should have their sights set on entering these combined industries. Nor does it take a crystal ball to see that everything around us, from the proliferation of gyms (24hr fitness, LA fitness, Crossfit) to the increasing awareness of health consciousness (Wholefoods, Trader Joe’s, low calorie menus), to the weekly news articles on CBD growth, is boosting this industry boom even faster.

Even the other side of the equation, the US becoming more obese than ever, busy lifestyles and the increase of health care costs, are driving consumers into this industry, and into Nutrition Zone stores.

All of this means there are MILLIONS of consumers, right next door to you, your neighbors, who need, and want, a Nutrition Zone store that will provide them what they are searching for.

Why Nutrition Zone?

Purchasing a Nutrition Zone franchise will give you the amazing opportunity to not only own your own business, but provide you the daily satisfaction of truly changing lives and bettering the community in which you live. The reward that comes with owning and operating a Nutrition Zone simply cannot be duplicated by flipping burgers, serving pizza, or drycleaning clothes.

Why a Nutrition Zone vs opening a store on your own or a competitor franchise?

1.PROVEN SUCCESS: 17 years of trusted reputation and brand recognition.

2.BEAT THE INTERNET: compete and win with SAME DAY DELIVERY.

3.STORE LOOK: best looking and customizable for your community.

4.TRAINING: industry leading experts at our own NZ University.

5.PRODUCTS: incredible pricing and access to the world’s best brands.

5.PRODUCTS: incredible pricing and access to the world’s best brands.

6.ADVANTAGE: 7 exclusive brands with great margins and quality formulas.

7.ADDITIONAL REVENUE: rebates, apparel, cryo-therapy, meals & water.

8.SYSTEMS: top-notch backend business management and ordering system.

9.MARKETING & SUPPORT: best in class while taking the pressure off you.

10.LEADERSHIP: proven winners to drive and foster your success.

11.VALUES: Service, Quality, Competitiveness, Excellence & TEAM!

Nutrition Zone was founded to serve, educate and empower the community by improving the quality of our client’s lives. This is realized through highly educated team members who share our goal of making a positive, meaningful impact in our communities.

Ideal Candidate

Do you want to be your own Boss?

Do you want to make money even when you are not physically working?

Would you rather join a proven system than figure it out yourself?

Do you believe being part of something bigger than yourself is worthwhile?

Do you want to make a real difference in the communities you live and work?

If you answered YES to the above questions, then Nutrition Zone Franchise Ownership is definitely an option you should consider.

Training And Support

When you become a Nutrition Zone Franchisee, you will be enrolled in NZU, our online training program. Once completed NZU Online, you will join us for an extensive two-week training course, NZU Live, at our World Headquarters in Orange County, CA. Our live training program reinforces and focuses on product knowledge, sales, marketing, merchandising, inventory control, POS training, business management and much more. This unique experience will also allow you the opportunity to shadow successful store owners and managers to get a firm grasp on the day to day operations that take place in a Nutrition Zone retail location. This program encompasses the information and skills you will need to know with respect to operating a successful Nutrition Zone franchise.

Nutrition Zone’s goal is to assist each and every store owner with their ongoing success. Prior to your store opening, you will be assigned a Team Leader who will be your primary contact person and responsible for assisting you in the ongoing operations and success of your store. We typically speak with our store owners weekly and are always just a phone call away. We believe that doing right by our Franchisees, we will do right for our company. We recognize that the success of our company is dependent on the profitability and success of our store owners. The ongoing benefits provided by our experienced management team will give you the competitive edge needed to succeed in this rapidly growing industry!


“My favorite part of being a Nutrition Zone Franchisee is helping people reach their goals. There is no better feeling than changing lives. Nutrition Zone has been an amazing experience. The team at headquarters is second to none and is always by my side from the initial training to ongoing support in every aspect of business. I highly recommend this opportunity!” _Dustin - Olathe, Nebraska

“Nutrition Zone’s core value proposition is exceptional. The hands-on training throughout the franchise process was first class and very professional. They really want you to succeed. I am very happy about purchasing two Nutrition Zone Franchises, and look forward to opening more.” _Elvis – San Fernando, California

“Nutrition Zone’s systems, programs and personal training allows my team to focus on our customers and provide the best customer service in the industry. From people starting their health journey to professional athletes, we wow and help every customer. I loved Nutrition Zone’s passion for being involved in local communities and improving the health and fitness of the neighborhoods. It is a real differentiator, and many of our customers stop in regularly to update us on how well they are doing, which is way more rewarding then what I was doing previously for work. Best decision ever.” _Mike – Corona, California

"As new owners of a Nutrition Zone franchise, and as first-time business owners, we are thankful beyond expression for the hands-on help that we have received from the staff at Nutrition Zone Corporate. There is no way we could have done this without them." _Jared & Jenny - Orange, California

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