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Omega Studio Salons


In 2000, the founders of Omega Studio Salons began searching for their perfect business model:

  • True Absentee Owner
  • No Employees Necessary for Business Operations
  • Lowest Industry Start-up Costs
  • Quick Payback Ratio
  • Significant Financial Potential
  • Recession Resistant

After years of research, the founders created a business model that would revolutionize the salon industry. Omega Studio Salons was created to provide low cost, upscale studio space to Stylists, Nail Technicians, Estiticians, Massage Therapists and other beauty industry professionals.

The Omega franchise model has taken the bulk of work andcomplexity out of traditional salon ownership. By implementing Omega proven practices, franchisees are able to offer their local beauty industry a Modern Studio Salon Mall for rates comparable to single chair booth rent. This allows professionals access to their own Exclusive Salon Spa 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.

Franchise owners receive all of the benefits of the Recession Resistant beauty industry, along with a True Absentee Owner model. Our design template and rental techniques allow franchisees to provide some of the best-in-industry studios for the Lowest Industry Start-up Costs.

Omega Studio Salons did not rush to market. The business model was crafted, revised, and perfected to allow optimal profitability and minimal risk. Through the implementation and testing of proven business techniques Omega has created a franchise model that is Built to Last.


OMEGA STUDIO SALONS creates the perfect solution for stylists, massage therapists, nail technicians and estheticians who want to own and run their own business. This gives you an "out of the box" success kit to that allows you to bring in your own professionals to lease the spaces from you with minimal effort.

Our salons are designed for salon or spa professionals who desire to work independently and desire the personal and professional freedom of operating their own salon.


  1. Receive and fill out a Request For Consideration Form
  2. Receive and review the Uniform Franchise Disclosure Document with exhibits
  3. Meet or conference call with Franchisor
  4. Make decision after meeting with your advisors
  5. Set closing date, sign documents including Franchise Agreement and pay initial franchise fee
  6. Attend training at Franchiser's training facility
  7. Decide on a location and start your new "Omega Studio Salon"

*Actual 2013 PNL from Salon located in Las Vegas, NV

REVENUE $207,677.23
EXPENSES $140,900.98
PROFIT $66,776.25
Stated Startup Costs Low End High End
Omega Salons $90,677.23 $399,000.00
National Competitor 1 $276,950.00 $923,700.00
National Competitor 2 $647,000.00 $1,444,000.00


Omega Salons offers a proven business model, a system that has worked for many years and will work for you. As a franchisee you will be given all the tools: the system, the training, the name, the market, the support-that, if you use them, will insure your success. We will help you with site selection and determine the best location(s) for you success.

We provide you with the initial and ongoing training and support. Our detailed Operations Manual will teach you everything from lease negotiation to marketing. We do not leave a stone unturned when it comes to teaching you our business, and we will continue to help you to ensure our mutual success throughout our entire business relationship.

We share our proven system and procedures. Both have been developed over many years to allow the successful operation of one or multiple Omega Salons. Immediately upon signing the Franchise Agreement, you will have access to the best systems and methods in the industry. You will enjoy the benefits from our name recognition and marketing experience. You will be part of the Omega network of successful Franchisees.

Omega offers franchisees the proven keys to salon success. The Omega business model has been working for many years and follows time tested, proven principals. If implemented, these tools can ensure your business is built to last.

Omega takes the guesswork out of where to build your business, through use of state of the art site selection tools, market research, and real estate partnering. Location is everything in the salon business, and Omega's team provides a best-in-class opportunity to find the Right Location at the Right Price!

Omega provides an Out of the Box, Start-up Business, including architectural designs, interior design template, necessary legal documentation for business operations, and marketing plan.

Omega provides franchisees with the training and tools necessary to run *Profitable and Efficient Operations. From marketing and lease negotiations, to daily operations, Omega will teach you the business, and will provide continued support throughout the entire business relationship.

Most amazing, Omega provides all of their proven benefits for a fraction of other providers. Omega proudly provides the +Lowest Start-up Costs in the Industry.

No employees.

Nearly absentee business (0-5 hrs per week).

No inventory.

Real Estate site selection will be predetermined. You will receive assistance with lease negotiations to get you the very best deal.

No royalties during the first year.

Marketing plan will be provided.

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