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5 Steps to Selecting Great Photos for Your Business-for-Sale Listing

By The BizQuest Staff
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Lets face it. A photo can speak a thousand words, and bad photos can make or break a business-for-sale listing. Whether you're using genuine photos of the business, or stock photos because of confidentiality, these are the first things prospects see when browsing your listing.

Here's five steps to selecting photos that can bring out the best in your business-for-sale listing:

1. Shoot from different angles. Shoot multiple photos of the same room from different angles especially small spaces like sales counters and front reception areas. The lighting and frame of reference will change depending on where you stand. Corner shots add dimension to the photo, while straight shots can make a room appear smaller.

2. Use natural light to your advantage. The best photos are all about the lighting. You've probably seen lots of photos with poor lighting that appear blurry and gloomy. It's best to take photos of the property during the daytime, and then supplement the natural light by turning on indoor lights, opening blinds or curtains.

3. Get rid of the clutter. Always be sure to tidy up and get rid of any unnecessary clutter before taking any pictures. This will give you much more professional-looking photos. You want your viewers to focus on the main features, so it's best to remove any items that can get in the way of showcasing the business. This may include overstocked shelves, cluttered counter tops, or even distracting artwork.

4. Use your cameras grid lines. Nowadays, most smartphones include grid lines in their settings. These are used to get the best composition in your photos. While looking at the 9 x 9 grid on your camera, align the focal point of your room with one of the points where those lines cross. This puts the featured room element one third of the way into the frame, which often results in a more interesting and attractive image.

5. Edit your photos. Most smartphone cameras include simple editing tools so you can adjust the brightness and contrast. Be careful not to overdo it. Photos that appear overly edited may suggest that you're concealing or misrepresenting something.

Your listing's photos are the first thing prospects will see; this is their first impression. So, take the time and showcase the business with great photos.

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