Seller Success Stories

"I can't recommend BizQuest highly enough! We tried to sell our business for years using traditional brokerages, expensive print advertisement, and word of mouth within our community. Within days of posting a featured ad on BizQuest, we were receiving calls from as far away as Australia, and had literally dozens of calls from people all over the country asking for more information. One of those calls turned into a closed sale 6 months later, and allowed us and our business partners to move on to our next chapters. The buyer has successfully transitioned and is thriving. It was a total win-win."
      - Roger Steiner

"I had my business listed on BizQuest for 2 months. The day before my ad expired I sold it for my full asking price. Thank you BizQuest!"
      - Eli Roth

"I listed my business for sale on June 10th and sold it by July 1st! Just wanted to let you know how happy I am with this site!"
      - Michel Champer

"Thank you BizQuest for giving me the opportunity to sell my business. It's been two weeks since we went into settlement, and the relief has finally hit me. I was finally able to get a good night's sleep and I am looking forward to stress-free summer months. You made that possible."
      - Haley Cox

"I listed with BizQuest for a two-month period. Boom! Within a month I had the business sold, cash, full price. I am smiling! BizQuest is on my saved list for sure!"
      - Tim Schaap