Min. Liquid Capital: $75,000

Total Investment: $210,000 - $210,000

Training Provided: Yes

No of Existing Units: 330

About Signworld

Drive down any street, walk into any business, notice vehicles of all sizes wrapped in pictures and graphics or visit a tradeshow and the opportunity for building a business in the sign industry will become very clear.

98% of all signs are indoors. They are paper posters, cardboard, banners and thin plastic like materials. Most are thrown away every month. In December, they say “Happy Holidays”. In January, they say “Clearance”. In February, they say “Valentine’s Day”, and on and on.

Signworld is a customer service based business model focusing on manufacturing quality custom signage for the ever growing business community. From design to manufacturing to installation, Signworld owners are able to provide the very best sign solutions to their customers.

Signworld is an organization of 340+ sign companies, over 75 Preferred Partners and a corporate team that all interact more as a supportive family rather than just an organization of similar businesses. Owners support each other, talk regularly, collaborate on projects, get together for networking opportunities and in some cases, vacation together. Communication and collaboration at each level allows us to continually perform better in every capacity compared to our industry competitors. We are confident that if you spend 20 minutes talking to anyone in the organization you’ll quickly see the “family” atmosphere.

Why Signworld?

  • No Rules – The roadmap is provided, but you get complete autonomy to run the business
  • No Royalties - Be successful without giving away a large % of your gross sales
  • Business to Business – Regular work hours dealing with more corporate customers
  • Small staff of career employees – Limited turnover which creates a better work environment
  • Signs are custom production, so every day is different and you will see tangible, visible results of your efforts as you drive around town.
  • It’s close to home, in a low-overhead business park location, operating Monday-Friday 9-5 – no nights, weekends or holidays.
  • Higher margins in manufacturing than service, wholesale and distribution
  • It’s a relationship business with repeat customers. Twenty to thirty of those customers can equal 80% of your revenue. Many of those customers may be regional and even national in scope.
  • When you are ready to sell your business, it will sell for more than most business models because of the manufacturing sector you are in, the small core of repeat customers and the profit margins obtainable due to the custom nature of the business.
  • Protected territory – And can sell worldwide
  • 50% or more of your new revenue can come from your website.
  • Weekly sales and marketing coaching webinar with your peers
  • Ongoing support for as long as you are in business from both corporate staff plus our 330+ Owners
  • 31 years in business and 340 locations through the US and Canada

Ideal Candidate

  • Most owners had no previous sign industry experience
  • People who are looking for something different every day
  • More Entrepreneurial Types
  • Previous Business Owners who are used to more Autonomy than a franchise offers
  • People who do Not want to Follow the Rules
  • People who do Not want to Pay Royalties
  • People that want scalability from just one location
  • People that want a legacy- pass off to kids for their lifetime
  • People who wish to tap their previous data base of contacts and customers


“Yes, I love the great income I make. But, what I enjoy most is that I had the freedom to leave every day at 3pm to coach the high school football team. “

“Signworld offered me and every other Signworld owner the opportunity to grow our business globally and that’s exactly what I have done. Signs that I have made have been shipped and used all over the world. Because I have a worldwide presence, I have been able to build my revenues far beyond industry averages and I make a very healthy income!”

“We, along with two of our sons, all work and have different roles within our company. We love knowing that not only do we get to work together with our boys but more importantly, one day, we can execute our legacy plan and let Matthew and Stephen take over the day to day operations of the family business.”

“I came from Corporate America where there were lots of rules and procedures that I had to follow that I didn’t necessarily agree with. In my Signworld business, I don’t have to follow Signworld’s rules rather I am able to run my business autonomously and still receive the help and support when I need it.”

“There are many things I love about my business. One of the biggest is that I have set up my business to run without me if needed. This allows me to take vacations when I want to. Most recently, I was able to take time off to train and climb Mt. Kilimanjaro!”

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