Songs for Seeds Franchise

Songs for Seeds

Min. Liquid Capital: $70,000

Total Investment: $93,450 - $118,250

Net Worth Required: $250,000

Financing Available: Third Party

Training Provided: Yes


songs for seeds is much more than just a music class!

songs for seeds is a way for young children to learn through play! It’s a way to engage kids all while laying the foundation of early childhood education through musical activities! It’s a place for children to use and enhance their creativity while developing their imaginative, physical, cognitive and emotional strength!

With a live band and a modern approach, songs for seeds Franchise Owners have been able to take advantage of an industry that has been stagnant for years. With over 100 weeks’ worth of different lessons, our Franchise Owners are able to provide a service that keeps each class new and exciting and it keeps children and parents, alike, coming back for more.

And it’s crazy, CRAZY amounts of fun!!!

How Our Business Model Works

songs for seeds is a mobile business geared towards children, newborn to six-years-old. We represent a unique business opportunity, with low-investment costs, low overhead, quick ramp-up times, and fast break-evens. Our mobility allows us to bring the joys of songs for seeds to children in virtually anywhere as we move from location to location! This allows our Franchise Owners to never have to worry about being tied down to a poorly performing location which, in turn, provides more opportunities for profit!

Why Franchise Owners Love the Business

Enduring Concept

More and more, parents are realizing the value of their child’s education, especially early education. Contrary to many current industries, this is not just a fad that is eventually going to die out. In fact, not only is the early childhood education industry steadily growing, but it has shown an immense amount of resiliency, even during a recession.

Ownership Flexibility

Like any business, owning a songs for seeds requires full-time effort. Unlike most businesses, though, the in-class hours are only part-time. So while your efforts in marketing and customer service will require continual effort, there are only a limited amount of hours where customers are going to actually need an owner. This means that you’re free to enjoy the flexibility of creating your own schedule around the lifestyle that you’ve always wanted.

Quick Return on Investment

Low costs + low overhead = a quick return on investment. Our Franchise Owners don’t have to worry about ANY buildout costs, as they partner with different kid-friendly businesses and organizations in their communities, utilizing unused spaces in different churches, toy stores, rec centers, and other similar locations.


While the numbers that songs for seeds boasts are excellent, songs for seeds is more than that. songs for seeds is an opportunity for you to leave a positive, lasting effect that will benefit the children of your classes for a lifetime! There’s not a whole lot that gets better than that.

Are Your Someone Who

Is looking to expand

Once you’re successful in one location, it is ridiculously simple to follow your formula of success and expand into additional locations. This is beneficial for the musicians in your team as it provides them an opportunity for more hours and it is also beneficial to you, as the Franchise Owner, because you’re able to vastly expand your marketing efforts so you can reach a wider audience.

Wants to make a difference in their community

One of the highlights of our days is hearing from the children and the parents about how much of a shining star songs for seeds is, in their communities! We love hearing about the positive impact that we’re having on the children’s lives and on the communities, as a whole!

Values early childhood education

You understand the importance that early childhood education has in a child’s life and you’re excited about being able to nurture and provide the children in your class with an incredible head start in life.

Is looking for something different

songs for seeds is not your average business. Unlike many of our competitors who have been in the industry for decades, often times without updating their curriculum, we have successfully adapted a modern approach to early childhood education. Times are changing and we will continue to be a pioneer in this industry.

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