Surface Experts Franchise

Surface Experts

Min. Liquid Capital: $75,000

Total Investment: $113,000 - $201,000

Net Worth Required: $250,000

Initial Franchise Fee: $75,000

Training Provided: Yes

No of Existing Units: 12

About Surface Experts

Founded in 2008, Surface Experts®, repairs small damage on most interior surfaces, including counter tops, floors, cabinets, bathtubs, sinks, appliances and so much more!

Most companies do complete surface replacement, costing thousands of dollars. We deliver perfect repairs in typically under an hour for less than $100.

Our Approach Surface Experts is an all-inclusive damage repair service provider. We encompass damage repair services for surfaces like Floor, Wood, Counter-top, Stainless Steal, Gas Cook-top, Tub … Almost Everything!.

  • Most repairs are simple and small, yet our competition focuses on complete resurfacing. Our objective is a happy customer and a long-term relationship, whereas the competition wants one-off revenue and to completely repaint a bathtub or countertop.
  • Our typical repair requires only 1 to 2 tablespoons of product so our technicians can carry their entire set of tools and equipment in a small vehicle. Our competition requires large spray equipment and heavy machinery. Most notable to customers is that when they spray a tub, they will shoot a pint or two of product and the smell is so strong that they can’t occupy a location for 2+ days while it airs out. Our approach is clean and free of odors in less than two hours.
  • Our solution is usually under $100 and takes less than an hour to complete. On the flip-side, completely resurfaced bathtub will be fully sanded, prepped, then coated for over $500. A mediocre resurfacing job will skip sanding and prep, won’t be warrantied and will be about $200. What ends up happening inevitably with our competitor’s approach is the finish starts to peel and it looks horrible in just a few months.

Why Surface Experts?

Why the Surface Repair Industry?

  • Recession Proof
  • Core market is property management firms, hotels, restaurants
  • Under-served market in desperate need of a higher level of service and professionalism

Surface Experts is a great business opportunity, offering the following:

  • Executive Led Model: Franchisee never performs the work only manages business
  • 80% B2B Service: Core market is property management firms, hotels, restaurants. Residential service is a supplemental revenue stream.
  • Mobile business: Small office space (150-350 sq ft) needed to run the business
  • Recession Proof: Started at the onset of the great recession, the business quickly grew as we offer cost saving alternatives for property managers and owners
  • Item 19 Summary – Portland Unit: Gross Revenue of $615,511; Net Cash Flow: $230,094. Yes – that’s 37%!
  • Fast Launch Plan: From Franchise award to open unit in 6-8 weeks.
  • Ideal Candidate

    • The business professional looking for a mobile, low employee headcount business model!
    • Networking, relationship building skills
    • Business management skills.
    • Training And Support

      This is a true turnkey operation with a complete training program for our Surface Experts franchisees as well as specialized training for our Surface Expert Technicians.

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