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There are many reasons why New Jersey business owners may choose to sell their business. Whatever the motive, working with a business broker can be a great way save time, protect confidentiality, and plug into a large network of buyers and marketers.

We offer a search tool that lets owners search for potential brokers by city and county so they can find one who is familiar with their area. It also shows featured and highly ranked business brokers in New Jersey, helping owners narrow down the many options. 

In New Jersey, brokers may belong to professional associations such as the Mid-Atlantic Business Brokers Association. These memberships often offer benefits such as discounted training materials and conferences, expanded networking opportunities, and industry education courses.

New Jersey does not require a license for business brokers. However, it might be helpful to do some research into a broker’s affiliations and association memberships before choosing them to help sell their business. With some savvy searching, a business owner can benefit from one of the many qualified New Jersey business brokers.

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Marlton, New Jersey

Apogee Business Brokers LLC
Basking Ridge, New Jersey

Diplomat Intermediaries, Inc.
New Jersey

Midway Business Brokerage
Lakewood, New Jersey

Murphy Business Sales
Fairfield, New Jersey

Excelsior Business Group LLC
New Jersey

Tri State Business Authority
Fords, New Jersey

Lamon Assocites
Cinnaminson, New Jersey

Progressive Business Brokers
New Jersey

Pro Level Business
New Jersey

TransWorld Business Advisors
New Jersey

4a Business Broker, LLC
Summit, New Jersey

Transworld Business Advisors of Philadelphia Main Line
New Jersey

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